DJ power v-1 spark machine* limited special 

Product Description 

      SPECIAL PROMOTION - Limited Stock - Includes 1 packet of granules

  • Fireworks effect without gunpowder
  • no dangerous materials - for indoor use
  • environmentally friendly without smoke and odor
  • works with DJ Power granules. Each sachet provides 15 mins of sparks
  • up to 10m output height
The Spark V-1 by DJ Power is an impressive and innovative effect machine that produces a sparkling fountain up to 10 meter height by using special granules. These sparkling fountains are much cooler than traditional pyrotechnics by heating the specially formulated DJ Power granules and therefore can be used in- and outdoors. Due to this unique feature the Spark V-1 can be used in many different settings, such as a wedding, a gala event, a festival or even a theatre.
To ensure maximum safety during operation, the Spark V-1 automatically shuts off after 30 seconds of continuous ejection and can then be reactivated. The Spark V-1 used special DJ Power granules. It comes with a special key card that unlocks the device for use.  Before each packet of granules are poured into the machine, the key card must be swiped against the machine to activate the card and commence a 25 minute access to the machine.  This allows you to monitor the amount of spark time left.  Each card has a serial no. which is read and once the 25 minutes has been used up the card is finished.

The Spark V-1 is controlled via DMX512. There are both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connectors available. To use the Spark V-1 no pyro technician certificate is necessary.