FUZE75B Fuze LED Beam Moving Head Set


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A set of 2x Fuze75B Beam moving heads (153.384B) in a flight case. The flight case is designed for the Fuze75B and protects your valuable lights during transport.

The Fuze75B Beam LED Moving Head is a lightweight, compact and ultra-fast moving fixture with an extremely sharp and narrow beam. The Fuze75B is equipped with a powerful 75W LED and features a frost filter which converts the tight beam to a wide wash for different applications. The 2 degree beam angle make this the ideal fixture to use for long range gobo projection and sharp beam figures. Operation via DMX, Auto mode with exiting built-in light shows, Sound Active Mode or linked in Master/Slave mode. Perfect for lighting designers, DJs, bands, clubs, bars and installations where small footprint and low weight is critical.

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