Ceil Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Running Sophisticated Equipment 850VA

Confirm stock availability. Please note this includes 2x 100Amp  batteries and case in this deal its just not show on the main picture

R9,900.00 R10,000.00



  • DSP Based
  • LCD for better user interface
  • ASIC Technology for better Charge Management
  • Three step charging
  • Electrilyte Level Sensor
  • Manual Bypass
  • Extra socket for emergency additional load
  • Extra protection in the circuit to prevent most get failure

Battery back up

2-4 hours load dependent

Save Fuel, Save Cost

Technical Specifications

  • Output Voltage at No Lead: 220V ±7V
  • Output Frequency:  50.0Hz ± 1.0Hz
  • Output Wave Form:  Pure Sine Wave
  • Nominal Battery Voltage:  12V
  • Low Battery Cut Off:  10.5 ± 0.2V

Charging Mode

  • Charger Current Three Mode:
    Low Charging: 9.0A +/- 1A
    Enhanced Charging: 11.0A +/- 1A
    High Charging: 13.0A +/- 1A
  • Boost Charging Voltage: 14.4V ± 0.2V
  • Float Charging Voltage: 13.7V ± 0.2V
  • Charging Technique:  Auto Battery
    Charge Level Sense: Smart Charger
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